Swimming with Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Paul201, Jan 15, 2015.

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      Yes its another swimming with T thread :p

      I like to do a bit of swimming to de stress and have done for the last 8 years and this has got me thinking. I went swimming today for the second time since I got T and was paying careful attention to my ears. I noticed that once I snapped my goggles on my ears and got a good spike in ringing for about 5 seconds (which is normal if you do this and im sure happens all the time). I also noticed twice, once in each ear during the swim that some movement of my head, usually a bit of a slap into the water, resulted in these micro spikes in T that everyone gets (lasts about 5 seconds) and I remember from my time before T, but just ignored.

      I don't use ear plugs since my ears tend to have wax in them and I was afraid of causing more problems. I dipped a bit of cotton wool in Vaseline but didn't like the way it turned out so didn't want to stick that in my ear.

      Are these little micro T spikes that people get from swimming harmful? Could them accumulate somehow and make ears more prone to noise damage in the future? hhhhhmmmm, by the sounds of it ENT's don't discourage swimming so they don't seem to think so?

      I like my swimming but don't want to think it could have 'softened up' my ears for my subwoofer episode plus I want to swim now and then in the future. Should I cut it out?

      My ears don't seem to have spiked too badly after the swim or maybe not at all, i hate concentrating on T to check its level and after all if they have spiked significantly i would notice straight away without having to check to hard
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      Hi Paul201,

      I swim in the pool 3/4 times a week.. I don't seem to have those temporary spikes you mentioned..

      I do use custom-made earplugs specifically designed for swimming (an audiologist made them for me) which blocks the water out and they work really well for me.. Then I always dry my ears if I feel them wet as I don't like to keep my ears humid…

      I can say swimming is ok in relation to my T so far… Have a great swim !!!
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