Taking Atripla for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (Possible HIV Exposure) — Can It Make Tinnitus Worse?

Discussion in 'Support' started by CDNThailand, Jul 20, 2021.

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      I've looked at this link:


      "16,719 people reported to have side effects when taking Atripla. Among them, 23 people (0.14%) have tinnitus."

      23 out of 16,719 people reported tinnitus as a side effect, and even then, maybe these people got the tinnitus from noise exposureor some other medication mixed up. My pharmacist said Atripla is not ototoxic. It's not on the ototoxic list either.

      I think I should be safe taking Atripla?

      I've been on the drug for 14 days. All has been ok, however, last night I thought my tinnitus was higher, but it might be my imagination...

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