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      I have had T for 6 years I am 63 years old no other ailments I tried different suppliments and Universal Sound Therapy,the first time I tried UST I got the best sleep that I have had in years,I still suffer from T some days bad and some good,I'm thinking if I do it 3 times a week as suggested I would get better results. Has any one experience taking cough medicine and getting relief from T there have been times when I have taken Nyquil or a generic with the same formular and rested at night and for a whole day or two had relief has any one experienced this,
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      Welcome TC1, Thanks for sharing your methods, I will have to read about UST I can understand that Nyquil will give you a good nights sleep, I thinks that's one of the things they claim it will do. Glad it works for you, curious though on your comment "for a whole day or two had relief has any one experienced this" Do you mean relief in your T or an all around rested feeling?

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