Technical Question About Hearing Loss and Prevention of Hearing Loss

Discussion in 'Support' started by Keiv, Jun 1, 2015.

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      When people say their hearing has remain the same for a couple years, are they talking about 0-8khz only?

      What about 8-20khz? can we protect that so it remain the same too?

      When we have noise induced hearing loss which frequency is the dip seen at ? Can noise induced hearing loss occur at 8-20khz frequency?

      Also as for the guideline 85 for 8 hours to prevent hearing loss, is it renewable everyday meaning we can expose to 85 db for 8 hours for one day and then we can be expose again the next day, so long as we go under 8 hours we should be protected from 0-20khz ?

      And also is street noise dangerous if it is 80-85 db, how long can you walk on the street without getting hearing loss (and by hearing loss are people just refering to 0-8khz or 0-20khz?)
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      When it comes to hearing loss, we only refer to 0-8 khz. 8+ khz is usually called ''high frequency hearing loss'
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      85 db for 8 hours will cause hearing loss in 93% of people says the EPA. Their guideline is 75.

      Usual urban environments cause hearing loss. And cancer...
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