Thank You Brave Humans! My Tinnitus Is Caused by "Life".

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Lady Rocker, Dec 4, 2019.

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      May 2016
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      Singing in a rock band for 20 years, medications, age, PTSD
      Hello fellow companions on this horrible journey on which we find ourselves.

      My tinnitus seemingly started innocently enough or so I though. My right ear started ringing following an Alaskan cruise. (!!??) The ENT doctor said it was from age. I almost punched him. Granted I was 60 at the time, but I've sung in a rock band for years and while my years on earth is accurate, I'm nowhere near 60 in attitude and appearance.

      Be that as it may, as I look back now over the past three years and recall what's happened to me even as I write this, I realize that my tinnitus has gotten gradually worse following my husband's suicide in our home. Yes, the loud music definitely played a huge role, age played a role, NSAIDs and recently starting an SSRI also played its part in this horrible saga. But I forget that stress is a killer.

      It's now in both ears and it's loud! It's a very cruel twist that taking an antidepressant to help with my anxiety, depression, and PTSD may be contributing my tinnitus which, in turn, contributes to my anxiety and depression.

      I just received my custom musician's earplugs. I have no idea how I'll be able to gauge my volume (I'm a belter) while singing harmonies. It will absolutely break my heart into pieces if I have to give up performing. It was the only thing I was able to still do following Steve's suicide. hearing is more important.

      Thank you for being here all you brave humans. Thank you for including me.

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    2. JohnAdams

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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      I've been saying this. It's insane. These tinnitus causing drugs have to be outlawed.
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    3. Chriscom

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      Likely infection/ear stress after walking pneumonia
      So very sorry to hear about your husband.

      On the hearing front I'll be interested to learn how well the earplugs work. I'm an amateur musician and was surprised to learn after my own condition how many musicians have both hearing loss and tinnitus (I shouldn't have been). Most have assured me that continuing to perform is possible for most. I can get by because one of my ears is still pretty good, but it still sounds odd sometimes singing for practice in a quiet room.

      If you "just" have musicians earplugs, you may end up needing an in-ear monitor to be happy enough about the harmonies, but that's an individual thing too. *Give it time*.
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