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Discussion in 'Support' started by ampumpkin, Jul 17, 2014.

    1. ampumpkin

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      2007: Meds(Antidepressant) 2014: Meds(Antibiotics)

      I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but I want to say thank you to TT and its members for the wonderful help I have encountered here. You have made a difference in my life.

      The past 2 months since my relapse have been hard but by reading posts on here and receiving encouraging messages privately has helped me cope with my new reality, a T that is louder and has become more intrusive after 7 years of 100% habituation.

      This morning, I was thinking about that and wanted to share my feelings.

      So from Canada, here is a big THANK YOU to you all.

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    2. maccebu

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      05/2014 6:20AM
      It's been 2 months since my T and although I considered mine as a mild case but still it's T and still keeps bugging me once in a while when I think of it just like now when I'm writing about it.. hehehe
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      Agreed, @ampumpkin. I realized several months ago that of all the treatments and therapies I had shelled out money for, this forum was among those that had helped me most -- and I hadn't paid a cent for it. So I donated.

      But honest, this isn't a pitch for funding. I just wanted to say I agree with you. The forum, and its knowledgeable and kind people here, have been amazing. I like to say I now have tinnitus friends from all over the world. I am so glad this has been a helpful place for you. And you, no doubt, have helped others, too, by sharing your experiences.
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    4. jazz
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      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD

      You've also been an inspiration to many TT members.:) Being fully habituated is a goal we all hope to achieve and you're proof that it is possible!

      And I'm certain you'll fully habituate again. Your brain did it once and will do it again! Just remember not to focus on your louder noise and never respond to it. Send it back to sleep where it belongs!:p
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