Completed The Effect of Physiotherapy on Cervicogenic Somatic Tinnitus

To determine whether physiotherapy is effective in the treatment of a group of tinnitus patients.

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      The Effect of Physiotherapy on Cervicogenic Somatic Tinnitus - To determine whether physiotherapy is effective in the treatment of a group of tinnitus patients.

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    2. jazz
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      jazz Member Benefactor

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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD
      This study is testing the effect of physiotherapy on somatic tinnitus. It began accepting participants in May, but may still be open. Data collection, however, is set for January, 2015, so now would be the time to join. It is being held in Antwerp, Belgium. I'm not sure TT has many members from Antwerp. That said, it will be interesting to follow the clinical trial when the results are published.

      Here's eligibility information:

      Ages Eligible for Study: 18 Years and older
      Genders Eligible for Study: Both
      Accepts Healthy Volunteers: No
      Inclusion Criteria:
      • severe chronic non-fluctuating subjective cervicogenic somatic tinnitus, which has been stable for at least three months, combined with neck complaints
      Exclusion Criteria:
      • objective tinnitus
      • subjective tinnitus with etiologies, such as hearing loss or Meniere's disease, severe depression (> 19 on the Beck depression questionnaire)
      • progressive middle ear pathology
      • intracranial pathology
      • traumatic cervical spine injury
      • tumors
      • cervical spine surgery
      • any cervical spine condition in which physical therapy treatment is contra- indicated
      • received physical therapy treatment directed to the cervical spine in the past 2 months


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    3. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave Member Benefactor

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      Probably headphones
      Thanks for posting. I want to follow this study.
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    4. James White

      James White Member Benefactor

      Toulouse, France
      Tinnitus Since:
      April 2013
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      I'm wondering what precisely is Cervicogenic (Neck) Somatic Tinnitus is, if anyone knows ? :)
    5. Lisa88

      Lisa88 Member

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      I think along the way, most of us develop some form corresponding to somatic t, as the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus of the Central Auditory Cortex is the crossroads between the auditory and somatosensory systems.
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    6. Codaz

      Codaz Member

      Super simple explantion: If neck vertebrae's are blocked -> tinnitus. So stiff neck puts on very tight neck muscles (trapezius / occipitalis / sternocleomastoids).

      In more words I have a German paper on it. Can send if you want via PM.

      I'm in this group. Somatic T due to Neck and Jaw problems.

      I cannot participate in this trial as I'm already doing physiotherapy, it fluctuates enormously and is not stable but highly progressive (for the better :) )
    7. James White

      James White Member Benefactor

      Toulouse, France
      Tinnitus Since:
      April 2013
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      Yes i'd like that paper via PM if you may :)
    8. conbsgc

      conbsgc Member

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      How can I enroll? I am the PERFECT CANDIDATE

      tinnitus, four years of chronic neck pain without a visible cause, constant trigger points on my SCM, trapezius, even dizziness and off balance due to muscle tightness!!! Who can I contact and I live in Belgium!!!
    9. MikeS

      MikeS Member

      California, USA
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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Car accident
      What makes it non-fluctuating? I have tinnitus after whiplash, but mine fluctuates. I thought tinnitus due to neck problems tends to fluctuate.
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    10. DebInAustralia

      DebInAustralia Member Benefactor Team Research

      Geelong, Victoria
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      Dr Susan Shore (Mitchigan) has created a device to hopefully treat somatic t. it is currently being trialled.

      She explains that with somatic t, the somatic nerves try to compensate for a loss of auditory input, 'making everything noisy'.

      i gave physio a good go. i do have tmj but i dont feel my tmj and t are related whatsoever. i didnt notice any benefit to my t from the 8 physio sessions i attended.
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    11. Dana

      Dana Member Benefactor

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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      not known, too many possible causes

      I would also ask you to please send me that paper via PM.
    12. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave Member Benefactor

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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Probably headphones
      @conbsgc do you happen to have a so called forward head posture? If yes, it can cause and maintain all sorts of neck and upper torso problems. Google this to find more info on how to reverse it.
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    13. Codaz

      Codaz Member

      I'm into my 10th month of weekly physio to combat my TMJ Tinnitus. So the 45 or 46th session. Would like to know what kind of device this is.

      It took at least 3 or 4 months before major drops in T volume were coming. And another 2 before major pain started which is now 2 weeks gone but was there today after new jaw massage session.
      It took 8 months for me to loose the halucinations I have on running water / plastic bags etc but sometimes they are still there.

      After every session I feel my body is readjusting. So nauseous, pain, cold/hot, all sorts of feelings. I do 3 kinds of physio, neck and jaw at 2 specialized therapists and I started middle back and lower back earlier this month for L1/L2/L3 and C1/C2/C3 improvements of my spine.

      After all sorts of measurements the therapists still see a lot of things to improve so still continuing. Also depends if you still clench or grind your teeth. If you still do, facial and jaw muscles still contract and still are overused. That's like carrying water to the sea. You have to breakthough the pattern, start wearing a bite splint, do jaw excersizes 2 times a day, etc etc. It's in fact a lot of work. And I'm not even talking about the psychological path that I have to reboot since my former psychologist didn't knew a thing about somatic T. So that's a new challenge for the coming months.
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    14. lost horizons

      lost horizons Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      June 2014
      My T started 4 days after a whiplash. I did physical therapy for a few months. No effect. Did acupuncture. No bebefit. It's been about 14 months now. I do have a bit of forward head posture. Has anyone tried neck massage and did it help.
    15. Codaz

      Codaz Member

      Yes, when I turn my head my T changes. I worked on occipitalis and sternocleomastoide muscles and together with TMJ therapy it helps. Do not expect results after a few months. My T came down after 4 months or weekly treatment.
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    16. Flowerlover

      Flowerlover Member

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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Unknown, not hearing related
      I'm pretty sure that's the kind of tinnitus I have. I do heavy garden landscaping. I think lifting things plus heavy computer bad posture have combined to create havoc.

      Funny thing I noticed a decline in the T when I went to get my hair done and the girl washing it did a great massage. After that I went to my massage therapist and it was quiet the next day. I've pondered other therapist just for the neck and head.

      For sure I have tightened trapezius, neck muscles and occipital nerves up my head. My mental health therapist suggested it was tension pain from stress. My medical doctor said the head spasms were from anxiety. But I think it's more likely an injury.

      My chiropractor was unable to affect anything and I was having too many headaches so stopped seeing him as he said everything was in alignment.

      So what the heck is going on in there? My doctor did allude to the idea viruses can get into the nerves, or that nerves can become damaged and take months to years to heal. I'm doing anti-oxidant nutrition and supplements to help that.

      So after hearing from you all, this is why I hesitate to sign up for more therapy. So much time consuming, so little results.
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    17. Greg Sacramento

      Greg Sacramento Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      April 2011
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      I have the same that you mentioned, plus I grind my teeth. I also had a second kind of metal place into my mouth where I noticed T & H afterwards. It was a front lower implant and my jaw was very sore afterwards. During that dental appointment I wasn't earing ear protection, but a low speed drill was used. I did have my neck bend forward where it made sounds easier to travel to the cochlear part of the 8th cranial nerve. I first got subjective T & H 6 years ago from a loud powerful ear syringing. This could have weaken nerves and/or cochlear components.

      If tension release and the use of anti - oxidant nutrition helps along with taking a bath, instead of a shower, correcting your posture, then you might want to read about this as an assessment:

      neurovascular compression
      neuromuscular conflict.
    18. Frédéric

      Frédéric Member Benefactor

      Marseille, France
      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      acoustic trauma
      I think I found the results of this study :

      Does multi-modal cervical physical therapy improve tinnitus in patients with cervicogenic somatic tinnitus?
      Michiels S1, Van de Heyning P2, Truijen S3, Hallemans A4, De Hertogh W5.
      Author information

      Tinnitus can be related to many different aetiologies such as hearing loss or a noise trauma, but it can also be related to the somatosensory system of the cervical spine, called cervicogenic somatic tinnitus (CST). Case studies suggest a positive effect of cervical spine treatment on tinnitus complaints in patients with CST, but no experimental studies are available.

      To investigate the effect of a multimodal cervical physical therapy treatment on tinnitus complaints in patients with CST.

      Randomized controlled trial.

      Patients with a combination of severe subjective tinnitus (Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI): 25-90 points) and neck complaints (Neck Bournemouth Questionnaire (NBQ) > 14 points).

      All patients received cervical physical therapy for 6 weeks (12 sessions). Patients were randomized in an immediate-start therapy group (n = 19) and a 6-week delayed-start therapy group (n = 19).

      TFI and NBQ-scores were documented at baseline, after the wait-and-see period in the delayed-start group, after treatment and after 6 weeks follow-up. The Global Perceived Effect (GPE) was documented at all measuring moments, except at baseline.

      In all patients (n = 38) TFI and NBQ-scores decreased significantly after treatment (p = 0.04 and p < 0.001). NBQ-scores remained significantly lower after follow-up (p = 0.001). Immediately after treatment, 53% (n = 38) experienced substantial improvement of tinnitus. This effect was maintained in 24% of patients after follow-up at six weeks.

      Cervical physical therapy can have a positive effect on subjective tinnitus complaints in patients with a combination of tinnitus and neck complaints. Larger studies, using more responsive outcome measures, are however necessary to prove this effect.

      Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

      Cervical spine; Physical therapy; Somatic tinnitus; Treatment





      I you need futher information, I think you can contact this person :

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