"The First Thing You Should Do Is See a Psychiatrist"

Discussion in 'Support' started by spiiros, Jun 5, 2015.

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      I have read A LOT on tinnitus like many others on here since the onset more than a year ago. Frankly after reading and knowing so much I don't think it ever goes away for anybody. Tinnitus going away for some people seems to be a myth now. Its a very nasty and permanent condition and once you get it, there is no shaking it. Sorry didn't mean to be a pessimist just learning to embrace the fact and this pisses me off now
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      My T started because of stress, health anxiety and burnout (others would maybe say depression).
      I met some psych docs and I am still doing. But all talking, CBT etc. does not take T away from me.
      Try finding a TRT doc or someone with T who understands you. And work against the depression with meds, psych doc and CBT.
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      Yeah, it really seems to be that if T doesn't resolve after a few days, it might stay there for a while. I'm betting the ''most people's tinnitus resolves in the first 3 months'' also includes those that resolved the next day or 2.

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