The GP Ain't Always Right (Ear Wax Removal Removed Ear Pain and Made Ringing Mild)

Discussion in 'Support' started by .bill, Jun 11, 2017.

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      So two weeks ago I had had enough of the pain in my right ear.

      I went to see my GP. He looked in both ears said they look clean no wax buildup.

      Well the pain continued I thought this is not good I went and had my ears candled which is the safest way to remove wax.

      Well the left ear had wax not a lot the right ear had a plug of wax the size of the tip of my little finger.

      Pains gone, ringing is very mild.
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      Jet engine noise (retired USAF)
      Please, don't take this the wrong way...

      Candling is pure snake oil. Don't fall for it. Any wax removed from the ear is really just wax that rolled done the hollow paper wick.

      My wife is a barber, and has customers ask for it all the time. She refuses to mess with it. Although other barbers will gladly take the money from the customers.

      If you believed it work, that's fine, there is something to the placebo effect that can't be fully explained. I myself believe in the power of prayer, so I'm not all cold science.

      The dangers to candling far out weigh the placebo effect in my opinion. This is just me, but I'm not about to let anyone, even someone I know intimately, hold anything burning next to my head. Especially a burning candle. That candle wax is melting, and gravity has a far greater pull than the hot air rising off the hollow tube of paper. I just cringe at the thought of a drop of hot candle wax falling in my ear, let alone my ear.
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      Loud music/gigs probably
      Just using sodium bicarb/olive oil drops for a week or two is safer than candling.

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