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      I hear a low humming when my house is quiet which I thought was an electric motor noise from neighbours. I use an Android frequency generator app and a Bose speaker to generate a background noise of about 52-56 hertz at a low level which I find masks the tinnitus. I also have an app which generates background noises like rain or surf which also helps.
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      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      Have you had exposure, especially prolonged exposure to Flourecent Lights that hum ?

      Maybe too long listening to a Leaf Blower ?

      ..And of course, any subwoofer or Bass Speakers ..especially in a high SPL enviornment, like the inside of a automobile.

      I battle to keep away a hum too. I'm mostly successful.

      Recently, had the hum, AND SURE ENOUGH, i remembered i had been around some humming ( noisey ) Flourecent Lighting.

      Hope you figure out what it was. Your ears obviously don't like it ( though you may want to disagree with them ) Ears don't lie...... ( so to speak....

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