The Lancet Publishes Tinnitus Seminar Paper

Discussion in 'Research News' started by James White, Jul 17, 2013.

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      The prestigious medical journal, The Lancet has just published the latest in their series of seminar papers online, which covers the topic of tinnitus.

      Written by leading clinicians and researchers Dr David Baguley, Dr Don McFerran and Professor Deb Hall, the paper discusses the “scientific and clinical enigma” that is tinnitus, outlining current knowledge of tinnitus, and making a critical assessment of established and emerging treatment approaches.

      Says David Baguley, Head of Audiology at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and former Vice Chair of the BTA’s Professional Adviser’s Committee: “There has been significant progress in tinnitus research in recent times, which has led to a deeper understanding of causes, impacts, and effective treatment strategies. Much of this has been published in specialist journals, and not readily available to the wider clinical and scientific communities. The strength of this new paper in The Lancet is that it summarises present knowledge from clinical and auditory neuroscience perspectives for all interested scientific and clinical readers, in a journal that is hugely well respected. Whilst a treatment to abolish tinnitus completely continues to elude us, this is an indication of the tinnitus field ‘coming of age’, and troublesome tinnitus being recognised as an issue that requires urgent research and appropriate resources.”

      David Stockdale, Chief Executive of the British Tinnitus Association, said: “We are delighted that tinnitus has been featured in such a well-read and prestigious journal as The Lancet. We are confident that many more medical professionals will now have a greater knowledge of tinnitus and how it can be managed, and this will have immediate as well as long-term benefits for the thousands of people with tinnitus across the country.” (

      The tinnitus seminar paper can be accessed online at
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      Great find! And you can access it online!:)
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      Everybody can register to The Lancet free of charge, and once you log in, you can read the whole article or download the original PDF.

      "This article is made available free of charge, as a service to our users."

      [The above was my response to jazz, who was going to the university where she could read the article, but while I was writing my reply it seems she edited her message. Anyway, no need to have university access to read the article, everybody can access this one, which is great.]
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      Good read. Nothing really new for me but good refresher and complete source of information about T
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