The Potassium Channel Opener Retigabine for the Treatment of Diseases

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Danny Boy, Dec 11, 2015.

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      Ear infection
      Read the link below, there's tons more information! There's so many applications...SF really needs to come out, so much potential for so many conditions!

      The use of retigabine in the preparation of a medicament for: use in functional bowel disorders; neurodegenerative diseases; neuroprotection; tinnitus; preventing or reducing dependence on, or preventing or reducing tolerance or reverse tolerance to, a dependence - inducing agent; cancerous diseases; inflammatory processes; ophthalmic diseases; cognitive disorders; and migraine; and use as a centrally acting analgesic.
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    2. Nucleo

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      The patent was filed 15 years ago. It's probably why they claim it is indicated for ophtalmic diseases. Now we know more about the side effects.
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      Who knows?
      What is SF? I can only think of San Francisco and Salesforce :p
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      Neuronmodulation suggests noise induced?

      SciFluor i guess.
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      Interesting; GSK files patent claiming RTG as tinnitus treatment candidate? Doesn't this fly in the face of previous statements to the effect that they were not interested in pursuing RTG as a tinnitus treatment?

      edit: ah. I didn't realize this was 15 years old. NM.

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