The Sacrifices You Sometimes Have To Take

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Will you hold yourself back until a suitable cure?

  1. Stop every possible thing that will flare up your T, constantly.

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  2. Live life how you normally would but within a few limitations to keep the T in check.

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  3. Forget T, we're alive, aren't we? Learn to live with it and come what may.

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    1. Deep

      Deep Member

      So basically this could be a niche topic, but I was just wondering if there were any sacrifices people take in order to just live life to the full, this would involve forgetting about how Tinnitus can sometimes hold you back.

      I personally now always protect my hearing when DJing and producing etc, but I also skateboard which is quite a loud sport, if you do not already know it consists of high tricks that make a loud percussive sound when the wheels land on concrete from executing a trick etc. After a session this flares up my T for a day or so, and before you mention it I do sometimes insert cheap ear plugs when skating with a hat on to keep them in check, but this is very inconvenient. Skating keeps me fit, happy, in contact with friends, and I have had some of the best days in life simply on a skateboard.

      Anyway I was just wondering if anyone else takes the step to just sometimes put the T aside and live life how you would normally live it, this could be anything to eating your favorite foods that could flare up you T or certain lifestyle choices that are just to good for your mentality to give up on because of a ringing in the ear.

      Deep :)
    2. erik

      erik Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

      Washington State, USA
      Tinnitus Since:
      04/15/2012 or earlier?
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      Most likely hearing loss
      Hey Deep. I am now at a point where I put T aside and live my life. It wasn't always like that and I never thought I would again, but I am at the place now.

      About the only thing I have not done since the onset of my T is go to a concert but I would do that with ear plugs if the right one came about. I do everything I want to and I am pretty active. I hike, I play soccer on 2 different teams, I play basketball every Mon/Wed/Fri. I volunteer. I usually go to the movies once a week (sometimes more during the good months), restaurants, bars, etc. I do have some musician ear plugs I have handy just in case but very rarely use them (except for some loud bars, some loud movies). I am more conscious of loud sounds and noise but I don't anxious because of it. I control what I can and what I cannot I don't fear.

      Other than that, I try to eat right, keep my stress/anxiety in check as much as possible (a big plus), be a quality, productive and respectful human and enjoy life.
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    3. AUTHOR

      Deep Member

      That is such a great answer, I'm with you on that.
    4. Karen

      Karen Manager Staff Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Great question! I agree with Erik's philosophy on how to live with tinnitus. I'm trying to do the same. It'll be interesting to see what other's responses are.
    5. david c

      david c Member

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      I completely agree that it's a great idea to try to get on with living your life and not let tinnitus rule it. At least I do in theory but practice isn't always as easy. I still go to classical concerts (don't like rock music) but tend to sit further away from the performers. Have been to the movies once or twice but had hyperacusis afterwards (cinemas are just so loud!) so tend to watch more movies at home. The reality is that I am more sensitive to loud noise than I was before tinnitus and that does influence choices quite a bit - but as Erik says it's good to stay busy.
    6. AUTHOR

      Deep Member

      Sounds like you are making some good choices david, I guess it is easier for some people, I myself have led and still do lead a life that consists of a lot of pretty loud sound (even at work!). I have to try and be careful obviously but there is no escaping it at the moment.
    7. Hudson

      Hudson Member Benefactor

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      I still go hunting but I pop ear plugs in. I use the 2 3/4 in slugs as opposed to the 3 in. slugs because they aren't nearly as loud either (although the round doesn't go as far). I figure I'd rather miss a shot at a deer because I can't hear it as well than have louder tinnitus, but I still get out there. I don't go shooting just for shits and giggles anymore though, I figure shooting when I hunt is enough for my ears.
    8. AUTHOR

      Deep Member


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