The Use of Gliathiline in Patients with Sensorineural Hearing Loss

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      Interesting. Has anyone got any experience with Gliatilin here on Tinnitus Talk?

      The results of treatment of 38 patients suffering from sensorineural hearing loss with the Gliatilin (solution 3 ml intravenously for 10 days, capsules 400 mg 3 times a day or solution for ingestion 600 mg 2 times a day for 3 months) are presented. All patients in dynamics were given a comprehensive audiological, neurological examination, as well as an assessment of psycho-emotional status and cognitive function. Subjective improvement of ear noise tolerance by patients by 40 days of observation and continuation of this trend during the whole period (100 days) outside of the form of the medicinal preparation is noted. A reliable improvement in the 50% speech intelligibility threshold by day 100 of observation was established in patients of both groups, with a tendency towards earlier (on day 70 of the study) onset of this effect when taking the drug inside as a solution. The Gliatilin has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as reliably improve cognitive function. Thus, Gliatilin (injection solution, ingestion solution, capsules) can be used to improve the subjective tolerance of ear noise, speech intelligibility and quality of life of patients in chronic sensorineural hearing loss.


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