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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mandy New, Apr 19, 2018.

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      Hi Everyone, my name is Mandy and I have these hissing sound in my ears from last 2 weeks. I haven't been to doctors yet. I wake up with it, sleep with it....absolutely killing me!
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      Most likely due to antibiotics after a major operation
      Hi @Mandy

      Are you aware of anything that might have contributed to this hissing sound that you have been experiencing, ... noise, stress, medication, ear problems, ... those sorts of things, or did it just suddenly begin?

      Do make an appointment with your local doctor as soon as possible ... at least you can discuss your situation in detail and how it's causing you concern.

      Quite often, these problems can just be temporary, and I pray for you, Mandy that it is, ... but do stay with TinnitusTalk because you will discover so many people with such helpful experiences who wish to share them with you, as well as pages and pages of information that will suit your specific needs.

      Our hearts go out to you, so do keep in touch.

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      Hi @Mandy New . You are very early on in this process so have hope. I agree with @PMc in that you should get to an ENT asap. The sooner they can look at your T the better. Please keep in mind that they should be sending you to an Audiologist preferably before you talk to the ENT.
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    4. dingaling

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      unknown, probably loud music
      Hi Mandy

      Can you give us an insight into what you were doing around the time your T started?

      It doesn't have to "kill you", but it would be helpful for some more information. For example, did you have an ear infection or general virus? Did you listen to loud music or go to a concert?
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