This Is My Story. If Someone Can Offer Some Insight, I'll Be Vastly Grateful

Discussion in 'Support' started by yaom, Mar 7, 2015.

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      In November I started to have vertigo, after three months of anxiety, stress, panic attacks over what could had been something horrible, I finally got to see the ENT and the neurologist.

      The neurologist did a brain MRI with liquid and found absolutely nothing wrong with me, so he referred me to an ENT who did a bunch of testing and BOOOM found the source of my misery... its called vestibular neuritis... my affected ear is the left and I am currently going to therapy to retrain my brain and get rid of the vertigo.

      I also developed tinnitus along with the neuritis.... my left ear is more quiet (though the neuritis is there), my right ear acts a lot though, the tinnitus there is the loudest and today I started to feel spasms and pressure there, sort of like if you made a bubbling noise with your mouth and the discomfort sets in for a few seconds and then it goes away but the tinnitus is constant.

      I asked my ENT if I had hearing loss and she told me that I didnt... (I did an audiogram and they told me I had excellent hearing)

      my right ear feels hot, and sort of hurts

      its that absolutely normal on the beginning stages of tinnitus? at times I also have some hyperacusis but not much, certain noises like flutes or so on make me feel discomfort.... I read a few posts here and it seems this is all very common when you get tinnitus

      I had it for four months, is that considered beginning stages?
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      Hi there mate I don't have vertigo but every other symptom that you have ive got.ive had mild tinnitus for over a year but since January it's been in a new leauge . The noise has at least went 10 fold with a hot ear and a full ear if that makes any sense I have the ent on Tuesday go knows what's happened but God am in a dark place at the moment good luck x

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