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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ed209, Mar 19, 2016.

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      This morning I was out teaching one of my students, when suddenly, I heard this subtle humming sound. Inside I was extremely anxious, I was totally freaking out. I asked my student if his wife was hoovering upstairs; he said no, then went on to say it could next door, but said I must have very acute hearing if I could hear it (he's actually a consultant Dr). I thought no chance, it must be in my head and felt awful. The thing is on Thursday I had microsuction to remove some wax that was blocking my ears, this gave me half a reason to believe there could be a cause.

      Anyway, the lesson finished and I stepped outside. I could hear a faint noise that seemed to be coming from the top of the road. As soon as I drove away the noise disappeared, so it was a real sound I was hearing. Sometimes now I can't tell what's a real sound and what's tinnitus, because some real sounds can be very convincing.

      I suppose my point is that we are so tightly wound, and on high alert, that were always monitoring the sounds around us with suspicion. I seriously need to relax.
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      Extreme stress, sinus infection
      I understand very well. I am the same way and begin to panic whenever some new sound presents itself and I have difficulty distinguishing whether it is T or not. I also need to take it easy.

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