Thumping in Ear — Cordless Phone?

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      I’m 62 years old. I’ve had tinnitus since in was 12 or 13 – a ringing sound in my left ear (I’m also deaf in that ear). It was never determined what caused the tinnitus.

      Recently I started experiencing a thumping in my right ear. But it was only happening at home particularly my home office (not at the office at work – I still work a 40-hour work week). After a few days of experiencing this, I connected the thumping happening every time I pressed the mouse button. So I changed out my wireless mouse with a corded mouse. It still happened. Then switch to using my husband laptop, it was still happening. I moved my laptop out of the office into the dining room and it was still happening. By this time I was more than worried. It was bad enough to have the ringing in my left ear, but I didn’t want it happening in both ears (or worse to become deaf in both ears).

      I kept thinking what would be different at home than at work? Why wasn’t I experiencing the thumping at my work office? I certainly use my mouse more at work than at home. Well about the time this started to occur two things happened at home. I started using a CPAP machine and we purchased new cordless land-lines (phones) for the house. So I removed the phone from the office (to a point just outside the office). Still thumping. Then I moved it further away from the office and it has almost completely eliminated the problem. A couple days ago my husband plugged in the old cordless phone back into the office and the thumping started back up in earnest (why that old phone was never a problem before this all started I don’t know, but I unplugged it and moved the still charged handset out of the office).

      I have found that removing the phones from the office hasn’t completed eliminated the thumping (it still happens occasionally), but it has basically solved the problem.

      I am curious if anyone else has dealt with a problem like this, etc.

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