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      Hello Everyone. Happy to have found this site and forum on Tinnitus. I have had Tinnitus in both ears 24/7 since October 2013. I went out for a walk on a cold day without a hat or ear coverings. I went home feeling very exhausted. I sat down (and fell asleep without realizing it) and woke up about 30 minutes later with severe whistling in my left ear. The next day I had severe whistling in both ears. I've been to several ENT Specialists and to general doctors who can not seem to find anything wrong. I have been diagnosing myself, ruling in and out what causes the Tinnitus to get worse or better. The cold weather definitely is a prime trigger, making symptoms (whistling in ears) unbearable. I wake up in the morning with severe ringing in the ears; this is in addition to not being able to have a good night's sleep because I wake up due to ear ringing. I also find any sharp fragrances / perfumes trigger the whistling to an unbearable level. The Tinnitus has completely overrun my life; can't function with clarity and unable to work. When the Tinnitus is triggered worse than it already is, I have to remain indoors in warm temperatures with covered ears, head, and breathing airways. I read on another site about dry ears and inflammation. Can't take any medications as the ringing gets worse. They only two things that slightly help are Advil and Echanacea (a very low dose when my ears ache and the whistling triggers to an uncontrollable and unbearable level). I wonder if anyone has gone to the extend of finding a remedy that helps? I've tried everything so far.

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