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      Hello my name is Brendan,

      I woke up one morning this past Jan and started experiencing T in my left ear (and currently a T sufferer, appears to be a 3-5 on a scale of 1-10, I can go a few hours in the day forgetting that I have T, while bedtime and driving seem to be when im most aware). I waited a couple days to see if it would pass and then decided to see a doctor at a community health center. I saw the doctor and she suggested that my left ear had a lot of wax, then told me to clean it with an some store bought ear wax removal. I took her direction and then followed up by seeing an actual ENT doc the next week (still jan). ENT doc looked at my ear and told me that it was a "textbook" ear and drum, that it wasn't inflamed or had any congestion due to wax. I initially thought it might have been caused by wearing ear plugs or using q tips but my opinion changed yesterday. After 6-7 months of patiently waiting I decided to see my ENT doc again, and at a good time because I started to feel a fluid-moving sensation in my left ear whenever I tilted it. I saw the doc and after doing some research suggested to her that it could be caused by my allergies. I live in Los Angeles and experience pretty regular allergy attacks and know that there are several things i'm allergic to ( I also never take any allergy medication). She took a look at my nose and told me that I was SIGNIFICANTLY inflamed in my nose and that it is probably caused by my allergies. She also indicated that there was no fluid in my ear despite the sensation. She gave me a steroid injection in my arm and suggested I find some medications/nose sprays. I am hopeful that things change within the next couple weeks and I was also planning on changing my diet in accordance to achieving inflammation relief. At this point i'm pretty convinced it has to do with my allergies and would appreciate any input with people who have experience this type of T. Thanks guys and girls!

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