Tinnitus and Cochlear Biochemical Electricity

Discussion in 'Research News' started by mock turtle, Nov 11, 2012.

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      puget sound
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      the organ of corti and the scali media divides a potassium rich environment from a sodium rich environment on either side of that long coiled snail shaped thing known as the cochlea

      in a sense, part of the inner ear looks like a battery and indeed generates an electrical potential

      though this article is somewhat tangential to tinnitus, ..seems to me some of the findings pose significant potentials (joke intended) for remediating tinnitus

      im wondering, for example if one could lower concentrations of potassium in the scala media (the fluid in the middle part of the sandwich) and or decrease sodium in the outer parts (the slices of bread in the sandwich) might it be possible to decrease tinnitus?

      or maybe the solution is to increase just one side or the other...reversing the potential ? im not smart enough to know

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      Hi Mock Turtle
      I don't know either. I'm starting to wish I was a gerbil. I am going to a rememberance parade and at 11:00 I am going to try to draw in the strength of all of those who sacrificed and suffered, and pray for us all and a cure for this thing! K, Na, whatever it is.
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      That sounds delightful. So maybe, if we can't change those fluids, electricity is the answer!?
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      Wouldn't the electrical element of our "hearing" be in relation to the functions of the electrically transmitted auditory nerve fibers? Hair cells convert the energy of sound waves mechanically through the vibrations of the fluid inside the cochlea caused by the sound waves. Then the energy is converted into chemically induced electricity causing such associated neurotransmitters to transfer the information into various regions of our brain. That's depending on if there are in-going nerves processing this conduction of electricity.

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