Tinnitus and Deafness — What Can I Do? How to Cope?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Peter T., Feb 28, 2015.

    1. Peter T.

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      I have had Tinnitus for many years and have learned how to cope with it. But now
      I have deafness in (1)one ear and unable to hear any sound. The Tinnitus is now
      far greater than before, what can I do. White noise will not work because I can't
      hear it.
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    2. MattK

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      I really wish I knew what to say. That said, I do happen to have a friend who is also deaf in one ear and has tinnitus in that ear. He said music still helps since he can hear out of one ear. But he also said he eventually just got used to it. But he does say that it sucks and that it still gets to him.

      I'm really sorry I can't offer more practical advice. Hopefully someone else can.

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