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      I'll just say that food allergies can and will cause hearing loss/tinnitus in some people but everyone reacts differently to a certain allergy. A good example is celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Celiac disease is an auto immune disease and I think a lot of people tend to forget what that entails sometimes. Basically your bodies immune system goes into over drive trying to fight the foreign invader (gluten) that you continually poison yourself with every time one ingests that specific food. A lot of auto immune disease can affect the ears but no one really knows why, however their are plenty of documented cases. But who woulda thought that simply eating a food you aren't suppose to eat can do anything more than give you a tummy ache... The irony is that still almost no sites label tinnitus and or hearing loss as a possible symptom to celiac disease even though I've googled other similar stories...

      Anyway I somewhat lucked out. I found the reason behind my dilemma (celiac disease)...after a year of horrible tinnitus and some mild yet annoying hearing loss, I have made almost a complete recovery after eliminating gluten, now all that remains is some reminiscent ringing and a very slight hearing loss... Surprisingly even after almost a year of declining hearing and ridiculously loud tinnitus my ears managed to heal quite a bit.

      I have found that I can still ingest minute quantities of gluten because after experimenting I found that it must build up in my system in order for it to have such a devastating affect so I have sometimes a few days here in there where I can have a cheat meal, but about 3 weeks ago I guess u can say like an idiot I got carried away and had a little to much and before I knew it my ears were going crazy again, low and behold I stopped eating it again and almost 3 weeks later the attack has calmed down and my ears have slowly but surely eased back down.... It's scary though, once it gets to that point there's no telling how long it can last and what the damage will be.

      So for anyone who has a case of tinnitus with absolutely no known cause, who knows, it could be what you are eating...

      I lost so much because of that year of torment... But at least i still have myself, I can retreat to my mind now with the comfort of some peace and quite, even if some of the ringing is still there (its nothing compared to what it used to be)... I'm just glad I some how caught it in time.
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