Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Free After 9 Months

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by tiredofit, Aug 10, 2021.

    1. tiredofit

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      In September/Octorber 2020 I got an ear infection on my right side which had as immediate symptoms distorted/muffled sounds and sound sensitivity, followed by HOT ears (sometimes both for some reason), burning/acid burning in the ear and soreness.

      These symptoms escalated to a solid 6-7/10 after a month and the sound sensitivity was at its peak around December/January at a good 7.5/10.

      Now in August I can confidently say that everything is mostly subsided to a constant 1-2/10. It's just mildly annoying sometimes.

      Here is what I did: Since I happen to also be severely hard of hearing, when it got real bad, I took my hearing aids off for about 2 weeks straight. That made the sound sensitivity decrease a little bit. But besides that? Literally nothing. Waited, waited and waited, resumed my normal life, listening to YouTube and music with headphones at about 50-60% at all times. I did not change my diet, did not avoid too much not noise, went out to skate and went to the movies (Tenet no less). Only thing that is noticeably worse is my goddamn hearing.

      There is hope guys.
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    2. Ehren M

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      acoustic trauma
      Thanks a bunch for sharing your success, and huge congratulations to ya!
    3. Brittany95

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      Middle Ear Infection
      I just passed my 8th month of having ear infection-induced tinnitus so it's good to see progress with someone else! I'm down to relatively quiet days, but I still have to be wary of loud noises (still too hesitant to go to the movies). If I'm stuck with tinnitus the rest of my life, I hope it can at least be non-reactive and I can enjoy regular stuff again like you! :)
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    4. Brian Newman

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      Shooting/loud noise
      Nice bro! I’m glad you got better. My hyperacusis is terrible and gets worse every month. It’s amazing. Hope I can get some success like you.
    5. Matt G

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      Columbus Ohio
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      Punch to the ear/head
      Congratulations and so happy to hear that you are feeling and doing much better!

      I actually am experiencing something almost identical to what you have described. I got an ear infection in my right ear at the end of May 2021. I have had incredibly manageable tinnitus my whole life, but this ear infection gave me reactive tinnitus and slight loudness/pain hyperacusis in my right ear.

      I took the same approach as you. I have not changed much of anything to be honest (eating habits, working out, playing soft music on my speakers/iPhone, going to restaurants occasionally). The first month I carried ear plugs everywhere I went and used them basically anytime I was outside the confines of my own home. The loudness of a half filled restaurant was unbearable to me.

      After awhile my ears ended up hurting more because of the constant use of plugs so I decided to ditch them altogether. I still have many pair around, but I do not rely on them like I used to. I truly believe this is where my progress towards recovery started. I am about 3 months in, and although I still have the reactive tinnitus, I’m noticing it less and less often.

      Maybe I’m noticing less often? Who knows. All I can say is my ear has recovered, maybe 15-20% in those three months and I am very much so looking towards the next 6-12 months to see where I am at with this recovery process.
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    6. Athens

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      Did you find that exposure to normal, everyday sounds caused an aggravation of the tinnitus and hyperacusis?

      I have lived my life as always without using earplugs but the tinnitus and hyperacusis seem to have worsened after fourteen (14) months. I realize that it might take several years before I see improvement.
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