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Discussion in 'Support' started by Peggyd, Jul 7, 2012.

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      Hi everyone, I have tmj and tinnitus. I need to take some pain meds for the tmj but am afraid to because I ready that aspirin and ibuprofen can make your tinnitus worse. Does anyone have any experience with pain meds and their tinnitus?


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      I don't take pain meds very often, but when I do, regular-strength Tylenol works for me, with no threat of the tinnitus getting worse.
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      the vast majority of everything i have ever read about aspirin and tinnitus is that aspirin has no effect on the inner hair cells...the stereo cillia that do the "hearing" but rather the aspirin antagonizes the outer stereo cilia causing them to "make noise" and thus cause a TEMPORARY tinnitus which goes away after discontinuing aspirin

      i have found that i have to take aspirin several times a day for it to make my ears ring more, and after three days of no aspiring, all the extra ringing goes away.

      but thats just me...i suggest you do a web search for aspirin and tinnitus and see what you find out

      WARNING...some opiate based pain killers are known to cause hearing loss at higher doses after several days...be ware of possible ototoxicity of codeine, oxicodone percocet tramadol etc for some people

      you are right to be selective
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