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Discussion in 'Support' started by Steph001, Apr 15, 2012.


Does mood effect volume of T?

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  2. No

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    1. Steph001

      Steph001 Member

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      Hey, does anyone else find the volume of their T is greatly affected by your mood? Is this common?

      I got really annoyed today, my T was extremely loud and I now have a massive headache and it's still not any quieter (despite me calming down!) and I have taken paracetamol for my headache.

      So just wondering, is this normal?

      Thanks :)
    2. Jim

      Jim Member Benefactor

      San Francisco
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      I would have to say for me it is pretty much the opposite. The volume of my T effects my mood.
    3. AUTHOR

      Steph001 Member

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      That is what mine is normally like which is why I was surprised that me being annoyed effected the volume so much! Just hoping it was a one off...
    4. Markku

      Markku Founder Staff Podcast Patron Benefactor Hall of Fame Advocate

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      Oftentimes when I'm anxious or worried or just generally down I somehow tend to concentrate more on the noise, and therefore it seems louder when on the center stage of thoughts.

      I voted yes.

      It works the other way around too. A great day can end up me feeling sorry for myself and anxious if I'm sleeping in a new surrounding and didn't remember to bring my iPhone along... (& lovely ambient sounds)...

      Welcome to the forum, by the way, Steph.
    5. AUTHOR

      Steph001 Member

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      Thanks for your view, I would say that sounds similar to mine which is somewhat encouraging I suppose. Although I do sometimes find the soft music/sounds on the ambience app prevents me from sleeping just as much as my T which is frustrating!

      Haha thanks, it's really helped so far :)
    6. Karen

      Karen Manager Staff Benefactor Ambassador Hall of Fame

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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Welcome, Steph! I voted no, because, like Jim, mine is just the opposite -- the volume of my tinnitus affects my mood.

      I can almost tune it out during the day, but when my tinnitus is loudest (at night), it makes me anxious. I have to retreat into listening to sounds or music to take away the anxiety.

      Thanks -- provocative question! It'll be interesting to see how all of us vote.
    7. mike

      mike Member

      Franklin ohio
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      1 1/2 months
      The T affects my moods.I guess i can say it is both ways if that makes any sense.
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