Tinnitus and New Tone, Slightly Lower in Frequency and Louder in Volume

Discussion in 'Support' started by SecretDoubleCat, Mar 16, 2019.

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      History of attending concerts; one night of THC toxicity
      Today I did a few things — I ate chocolates with a lot of sugar alcohol which caused me to spend a bunch of time in the bathroom, so I ran out of liquids and salts. I'm refilling on both now. I also drove for a bit with earplugs in and maybe 15 minutes with earplugs not in. I also hung out in a place where people were talking and things weren't even that loud.

      I think a new tone just got added to my ear. I can't tell. It's slightly lower and maybe louder.

      Here's why I am writing you guys — can I please have some kind emotional support? Can I have some advice that helps me while not making me feel horrible and afraid?
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      Acoustic trauma.
      You're new into your onset. Try to stay away from loud places early on. Don't overprotect, but protect if your ears feel uncomfortable and you don't feel right.

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