Tinnitus (and Other Symptoms) After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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      Appeared just few days after wisdom teeth extraction
      Hello. I wanted to share my experience to see if anyone else has experienced this. I do recall one person on here mentioned such a case: I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed in early October 2019, at 45 year of age. About 3-4 days after the procedure, this horrible high pitched whistling sound, or sound similar to an AM radio being tuned, appears, seemingly in left ear. Then another tone, a stead one, on top of the whistling. Not long after this, the left ear became very hyper-sensitive to high pitched noises (silverware clinging, etc.). I'm close to 4 months out from the extraction, and the tinnitus has stuck. Once in a while it seeming to pop up in the other ear for a second, and one night I do recall a third sound in my left ear, but it went away..

      Dentists and one Ear-Nose-Throat doctor stated the tinnitus is unrelated. I will offer that I've been a musician for years, and have moderate high end hearing loss in both ears, although can hear fine. The E-N-T said maybe reaction to a drug (?). Only took a steroid following the extraction.

      In addition to the tinnitus, things have gotten worse - week later horrible effervescent feeling in head, vision issues, and tremors. So now we're all over the place, and not getting answers. Been to E-N-Ts, neurologists. They have given my Gabapentin, etc. for 'neuralgia', but don't think that's it. One doctor early on mentioned nerve damage from the wisdom teeth extraction, but others don't think so.

      At any rate, getting back to the tinnitus - has anyone had experience of getting tinnitus right after wisdom teeth extraction? Also, anybody know anything about tinnitus and hyperacusis being the first symptoms of something bigger (like in my case eventually weird sensations in head and tremors came on...)... Thanks!

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