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Discussion in 'Support' started by Matheus V.A, Aug 24, 2015.

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      First of all, i am brazilian so sorry for my english. Second, i am not sure if what i am about to write have any sense or it is just bullshit, so correct me if i am wrong.

      I just saw on TV that radiation emitted and received from cell phones can cause damage, and maybe cancer, and if i am not wrong this is the same type of radiation of Wireless dispositives. I have tinnitus since 2013 i think, i can not remember exactly i do not know why, and i think since this time i am also having splitting headaches. I use my laptop all day long, and i used to use it only in Wireless mode. Approximately three months ago i started using wires to connect to my router and stopped using Wireless(the Wifi is on but i do not use it), and i think my headaches have stopped, but my tinnitus still there. In 2014 i did an audiometry and everything was ok, sometimes i have a otitis media too, and the noise in my ear get worse, but when the otitis end, the noise get back to the normal level. Approximately 2 years have passed since the start of my tinnitus and i am skeptical about it getting better, but i have a hope. Here is a photo of the position i have been in my room for about 4 or 5 years, for about 10 hours i day (i know...).
      My question is, can this be the cause of my tinnitus? And if so... does it have a cure?
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      This is not proven. In fact, a number of large studies have been done that showed no connection at all between phones and damage and cancer.

      The "radiation" that phones and wireless internet create is radio waves. Not only does the science behind the radio waves say they shouldn't be able to do damage, but the sun emits the same radiowaves and covers the earth with them. So exposure to cell phones and wireless internet shouldn't be any danger. So I think It's very unlikely that this is the cause of your tinnitus. Unfortunately, the cause of tinnitus is usually unknown.

      If you're not getting a lot of sun, you should have a doctor check your vitamin D levels. Too little vitamin D can cause hearing loss, headaches, and all sorts of other problems.

      I don't think the radio waves caused your tinnitus. But I don't know what did. There's a million possible causes, and right now there are no cures for most of the causes. However, as a lot of people are discussing on this site, there are a lot of promising cures and treatments in testing or development right now. So keep up hope and maybe in a few years...
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      Probably headphones
      No. There's no evidence at all to support this. It's easy to find correlation in all sorts of things, when one for example gets T and tries to figure out why.
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      Thank you for the answers. From three or for months to now my hair is falling, it stopped falling a bit in the last month, but it started thinning,(i am worried about MPB) and it is rare to me to take sun, when i am outside i walk in the shadow. I also have sinnus, i think it may have a relation but i really don't know, my otorhinolaryngologist told me to do an exam, i don't know the translation from PT-BR but i think it is to detect temporomandibular disorder. When i open my month i hear some snaps and when i swallow saliva i hear it too. The headaches i was used to feel ("was" because the last HEADACHE was in may i think) used to start after a dizziness and and i see a bit like this with my eyes :
      It's just a bit and the righ eye is worse, sometimes it get better, and sometimes at night it get really insane, but just in the right eye.

      Do you think it's caused by sinnus or temporomandibular disorder?
      Thank you again and sorry for my english.

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