Tinnitus and sensitivity to sound for 3 months

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rahul sai, Feb 4, 2014.

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      After speaking on mobile,for an some 20 mins on 3rd nov ,2013 ,i had clogged up,fullness ears,then came ringing/. by jan 2014 1st week,my tinnitus had went off 70 % also my sound sensitivity was on urge of getting to normal,suddenly from few days, i am having same problem with ringing now moved frm right ear to left ears. both ears are ringing.also sound tolerance has been problem from first, as iused ear plugs after that day when this thing started,as a horn or loud sound would make my ears with fullness.

      i am really worried,i hve nver gne on audio test coz i felt the sounds would make worse for my ears.though some days back i felt my sound tolerance level going to be normal bt suddenly my left ear startd with a fullness,after i missed to ear plug them once outside.i am not able to talk on mobile phone as whnver i do i get clogged up earsafter talking.

      i am now taking nuroborn fortoe b complex vitamins twice a day, my doc prescribed me xyzal which i took for 2 to 3 davs bt quit . doctor precsibed nexpro 40, flexon, intially . but i stopped taking it . after taking b complex for 2 months almost i had stopped every medication and in jan 1 st week almost my tinnitus had gone only at night i used to feel in those days , and a itchy ears in morning , but suddeny it started again and now i have tinnitus in both ears .my life has shattered fully , i am not able to go movies,parties,talk on mobile .please do reply
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      Hi, rahul, and welcome!

      I'm so sorry your tinnitus increased recently, for no apparent reason. It is good that the B complex vitamins were working so well for you. It might be worthwhile to try going to an audiologist for a hearing test, so you will know if it is caused by increased hearing loss. I don't think the tones during the test would make your tinnitus any worse than it already is. Please know that it isn't unusual for those of us with tinnitus to have tinnitus spikes, where it suddenly gets worse for awhile. It might settle back down again soon, to the level it was at before. There is often no direct cause or reason for the spike; it's just something that happens!

      Perhaps other people on this forum will have additional suggestions. We're glad you've joined us, and I hope your tinnitus settles back down soon.

      Best wishes,

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