Tinnitus and Septum (Bony Part Growth) — Surgery

Discussion in 'Support' started by Asia88, Feb 29, 2016.

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      Hi everyone,

      I have been a long time silent reader, but now that I am ready to try a new cure for my T I decided to ask for opinions.

      Briefly, I had my T since October 2015. Nothing major happened, except for maybe overtime hours at work, which glued me to chair. Starting as a strange noise which I though came from street, open windows, electric socket, freezer... God, at certain point the sound drove me crazy - I though I was being tested with a physo weapon :) But then the story couldn't get any banal - realized it was MY sound, developed ear popping, whooshing, pulsing in ears, high pithed ringing, anxiety, panic attack, tears. Tried MRI, hearing tests, doppler ultrasound, etc... NOTHING. Just a Eustachian blockage which "should resolve by itself, but it can take ages". But as a new T sufferer I couldn't take self cure as an answer :pompous:

      So, after I was lucky enough to meet an ENT who had enormous experience and a reputation. After examination he said that my septum is extremely deviated fully blocking my left sinus. Honestly, I've already heard it before from many doctors, but it never bothered me. I surely breath with difficulty and sometimes feel that I can't have enough air, but I got accustomed to it.

      What I was told:
      - sound effects in ears are in many cases are caused NOT by septum deviation (external part), but by extreme growth of its bony (internal) part, the one we can't see;
      - T is never 100% attributed to nasal problems. I many cases (where bony part growth involved), the proportion is 70% septum growth 30% blood pressure issues;
      - surgery IS a way to facilitate condition;
      - the doctor had an experience with a patient whose condition (Meniere's) got resolved in a month after surgery.

      So the ENT's point is: you get your nasal bone blocking, it impedes proper ventilation, tubes get blocked and swollen which make us hear sounds produced my our body but misinterpreted by our brain. Here goes jaw movements and other physical movements which influence the swollen part of our body and affects the sound.

      I am getting emotionally ready to have this surgery (should be executed in warmer months) - even if it helps 30% it is good enough for me..

      Have anyone heard something similar or tried surgery?

      I am also happy to answer more questions as to what I learned from my ENT.

      Sorry for long message and thanks!
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      I think septum growth has nothing to do with tinnitus. If there are no risks, go for it and see if it helps you.....
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      Yeah the same thing was brought up to me by the terrible ENT I visited about 5 months ago. My septum's deviated too but it clearly had nothing to do with my tinnitus since I know what caused it and when it all started. Most ENT's are a joke when it comes to more detailed hearing symptoms. Sadly this is just another way for them to make their money and give you a "cure". Good news is that you'll be able to breathe a little bit better through your nostrils! I think....


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