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Discussion in 'Support' started by MZL90, Feb 2, 2015.

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      I've had mild Tinnitus off and on since I was young. My ears were so bad when I was younger that I had to end up getting tubes in my ears. For the most part my Tinnitus has always been infrequent, maybe a few times per week for a few minutes.

      In the last week, however, it has become much more frequent. I don't know why. It's been primarily in my right ear with occasional bouts in both. I've noticed that on the right side the ringing has been accompanied by sporadic light pain in my upper teeth on the same side.

      Naturally, one would assume the teeth pain is unrelated. However, I was just at the dentist last month and he indicated no problems at all with my teeth. In fact, he said they looked very good. It's possible I suppose that I've developed a cavity or something since then but I take great care of my teeth now and don't see that as likely in such a short amount of time.

      (Note: I've had all my wisdom teeth removed long ago.)

      I know that Tinnitus and teeth pain can be symptoms of TMJ but I've shown no trouble at all with eating, opening my jaw, etc.

      So is it possible that the ringing in my ears can be causing referred pain in my teeth? Just curious if others have experienced anything similar.

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      I'm no Dr Butt,....(these are very uneducated suggestions, in other words):

      Sinus issues can cause pain in upper teeth; you may have a moderate sinus condition without realize.

      There's a slight chance that tooth pain is your ONLY noticeable symptom of TMJ.

      You may have a slight neck issue that you don't realize.

      Grinding in your sleep? There's a very thin layer of tendon-type stuff that helps hold the teeth in which, if irritated with grinding/moving, can cause pain.... I think

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