Tinnitus and Type 1 Diabetes

Discussion in 'Support' started by jennav616, Apr 16, 2014.

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      Hi there. I just found this forum. I have had tinnitus since I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2001. I also have cochlear nerve damage and only 25% hearing in my left ear - same one with the T. According to my endocrinologist it is a rare complication. I went through a period of hyperacusis (sp?) and now just live with it. I occasionally feel pressure in my ear as well and sometimes the tinnitus pulsates and my ear gets hot instead of ringing, but only for fleeting moments. I haven't read too many posts so if any of this has already been addressed, apologies. I'm excited to see that this forum is here and look forward to connecting with this group. I'm especially curious: Any others that have this complication with a diabetes diagnosis?
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      Hi, I have T1 diabetes too, diagnosed in 2008, and would love to know if there is a link! I had a period of intense vertigo and hyperacusis following labyrinthitis, which was also at a time of high stress, in 2013. The tinnitus has improved a lot since the acute phase but still problematic, particularly at night. Does your endo think the tinnitus and T1 are related? I've never discussed it with mine, although he's seen me off-balance!


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