Tinnitus Blessing or Not?

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      Hi Folks, I have suffered about a 40% hearing loss both ears over the last three years. About three or four months ago here came the bells. 24-7 of course, but with no medication except antibiotic due to middle ear infections due to wrong type hearing aids. The last 90 days or so I have been entertained with incredibly beautiful music including renditions Of Silent Night, Amazing Grace, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Old Aung Zine, Eyes of Texas, and a few others. I only have an average knowledge of music, but these arrangements have clear lyrics and follow the published litany except for the very slow speed and sounds like substitution of baritone/base male voices in lieu of soprano and tenor. They all are beautiful at least to my untrained ear??? I have learned to relax meditate before going to sleep. I am of course nervous that medications or other radical attempts to delete the music may result in RAP or even worse, Has anyone had good experiences with this phenonomona? Naturally any body I mention this to quickly ask me about having a Cat Scan or MRI's. I am in my early 70,s but was exposed to constant US shelling next to my Hotel Room in Baghdad working as a contractor to USAID 2003-to 2006.

      JRS Houston TX

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