Tinnitus Came All of a Sudden, I'm Scared

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rapid_Sausage, Jun 16, 2015.

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      Hello everyone

      I've had a bad head cold a couple of weeks ago, and took some antibiotics for it, as well as anti inflamatories and a "cough syrup" a couple of times.

      Once i had finished my antibiotics and my throat was finally feeling a lot better, i had two hellish days, the first day, my left ear felt like it was going to explode, there was nothing i could do, i tried drinking a hot beverage, and i tried closing my nose and inhaling hoping that would equalize the pressure inside my ear, but neither did anything, i eventually took a painkiller and went to sleep.

      The next day my left air felt good again, then the same thing happened to my right ear that night but it was worse, and nothing of said remedies worked, so i again, took a painkiller, and went to sleep.

      The real problems started the day after, as i woke with a "full" feeling in my right ear, as well as high pitch ringing, my left ear felt relatively quite normal.

      This went on for 5 days, then i decided to go see a doctor, who told me i got an ear infection and gave me a couple of medicines, one nasal and throat decongestant (peudoephedrine 120mg, loratadine 5mg), and another medicine that contains Amoxycillin 875mg and Clavulanic acid 125mg per pill, and told me to take those twice a day, once every 12 hours, and asked me to do a hearing test (it's called a hearing and ear pressure test here, not sure what it's called abroad) then come back for a recheck next week.

      Previously, my left ear had this hollow sound whenever i woke up or had a warm shower, but starting sunday 14/6 (which was the day of the doctor's appointment and i hadn't taken any medications yet) it progressed to be heard all the time, and carried on during monday 15/6 (yesterday) and tuesday 16/6 (today), and it is freaking me out completely, as this ear is supposed to be the better ear, yet it's having worse ringing than the stuffy ear.

      Here's the twist, when i tense my left jaw muscles a bit, the ringing in my left ear goes away, when i un-tense it, the ringing comes back.

      I am honestly very depressed and nervous as to what this might entail, my right ear (which suffered the worse of my two ears) is having slightly less ringing than it used to, but my left ear is the one that's ruining me now.

      I read that TMJ (TMD) is a cause of tinnitus, and from my understanding, it's chronic.

      I don't wanna live with tinnitus for the rest of my life, it's already been driving me crazy for the couple of weeks i've had it ;(

      Thoughts?, Opinions?
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      barotrauma? stress?
      That sounds like damage/irritation to the inner ear due to pressure in the middle ear (barotrauma) caused by otitis media.
      How can I tell? I kind of study this sh*t now.

      To tell you the truth, no one in 2015 can tell you for sure if your T is going to resolve on its own or not. That depends on the damage and so many other factors. Though, everything is possible.
      Now all you can do is recover. Eat healthy, stay put, avoid stress. Sleep with a raised head (head above chest).

      Trust me, nobody wants to live with this sh*tty condition for the rest of their lives. I am the last one who would want that. But we are forced to until someone ingenious figures out how to treat this nightmare.

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