Tinnitus Caused by Ringing School Bell

Discussion in 'Support' started by Azqwerty, Apr 2, 2022.

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      Ringing school bell
      My tinnitus started at the beginning of this year. Because I'm a HSP, I've always avoided places and activities that come with loud noise. However, the only place where I can't anticipate or avoid all loud noises, is school; I keep finding myself right next to the school bell when it goes off, often multiple times a day. And I know it seems unlikely, but I swear this is what caused my tinnitus.

      The more I stand next to these ringing school bells, the louder the ringing in my ears gets. This luckily always has happened in the form of spikes that go away after a day or two, but I have a feeling this time is different. Up until now, I've never really noticed any hearing loss. But yesterday my ears felt muffled straight away, and it hasn't gone away ever since. Now I have to turn up the volume on my laptop way more than I used to, and it scares me so much.

      Sorry for the rant. I'm just so worried, frustrated and sad. I'm frustrated my parents never really take this serious as I'm highly sensitive and ''sounds are overwhelming to me anyway'', and I'm frustrated all of this has been caused by a school bell, out of all things. I don't know what I would do if my hearing doesn't go back to normal. I'm fine with a louder ringing in my ears, just please, not my hearing as well.
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