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Discussion in 'Support' started by mike, Nov 1, 2012.

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      To all,

      I want to let everyone know what has been happening since last Friday. My tinnitus was really high about a 10 out of a 10 on Friday. But I have also notice in the last Month that there were days when my tinnitus was acting like it was cutting out for a brief second. I did mention to a few people that it was like it was trying to shut down for a second. This was happening about 8 times a day throughout the day. Also in the last month it has been about 7 out of 10 on the loudness scale. There were about 5 days it was a 10 out of 10 in Loudness.

      I have what I call cycling Tinnitus because for the most part it would go loud for 5 days and then low for 2 days. Loud for 6 days and low for 1 day. A few times it has been loud for 10 days and then low for 2 days. One week it went 4 straight days very low and I had thought this thing is going away and then Bam it went high again. Well this last month has been different since Friday after I went to bed my tinnitus has been very low and at times I could not find it even when I was listening for it. It has been like this Sat., Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and now Wednesday night. I have done nothing different that I am aware of. One thing I did start taking about a month ago was 3 to 4 mg of liquid melantonin help me sleep.

      I have got hearing aids, took Pills, Listen to rain noises every night. I have been to several doctors.

      It has been one terrible experience. I have had tinnitus for about 8 months now. In them first few months I just knew I was done high shrieking noise going through my head/ears. I did not want to go on. I did not even want to wake up in the morning. I know that while I am writing this my battle is far from over. But at least there is a ray of hope. If it stays like it has for the last 5 days that would be wonderful. I will keep everyone posted what happens in the next few weeks.
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      Gosh Mike - yours and mine sound so similar. We've also had it for almost the same time - mine is almost 7 months.

      Mine has actually gone away completely for hours at a time but I also get those moments when it seems as though it's trying to shut itself down.

      What do you think was the cause?
      Perhaps there are similarities there too.

      Right now mine is hissing but it seems somewhow more 'distant' than before.

      Mine doesn't get louder if I listen for it... and stress doesn't make it worse.

      It's always been a buzzing sound when it's there.

      It's never been in my ears - my ears are hearing it obviously but the noise is most definitely in my head., not my ears.

      My worst times are when I lie down & also when I get up first thing in the morning or when I get up after accidentally falling asleep during the day (doesn't happen much but did during the first few weeks).

      I suspected blood pressure or something like that but my blood pressure is normal and always has been.

      Let me know if any of this sounds similar to yours?
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      Yes, if I fell asleep during the day it would be real loud when I woke up. Yours sounds a lot like mine. This is the 6th straight day with it low. That has never happen before. I really don't know what is happening but I will keep you posted.
      I don't think food or stress caused me to get it.But I think after you get Tinnitus food and stress as a big part to play in it.

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