Tinnitus Disappeared After an MRI for a While, It's Now Back — Is This Normal?

Discussion in 'Support' started by annevinth, Nov 10, 2019.

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      Spinal leak from birth epidural
      Hello all,

      I have tinnitus that came from an epidural which made a leak in the spine. Normally this symptom disappears, but for me it has stayed. I have a very deep low frequency hum/vibration feeling in one ear. And then some high pitch tones. It has been here for 2 months.

      Two days ago after an MRI the humming disappeared, and was gone for 1.5 days. Then it came back again.

      Is it normal for tinnitus to just disappear completely and then come back? Do you think the MRI noise could have sent some waves which has affected the humming/vibration sound or is it just a coincidence?
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      Low hum can disappear for a day after a long bus ride, too.

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