Tinnitus Disappears When Building Up Pressure in Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by Noxis, Jul 31, 2015.

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      Hi all,

      Since a few years I have a high pitched noise in my both ears but I learned to live with it and it doesn't bother me so much anymore.

      However, since a few months I have an extra 'peep' in my left ear. Much lower frequency and sometimes it appears to be discontinuous, the amplitude of it varies like BLEEEP bleep blep BLEEEP.

      Now to the point: when I close my nose with my fingers and built up pressure in my ear (like you would do when in a descending aircraft if you know what I mean) I am able to 'remove' the tinnitus! A little bit pressure - nothing happens. A little bit more - the amplitude of tinnitus starts to lower. Yet a little bit more pressure - tinnitus gone. And if I then increase pressure more, the tinnitus comes back. So it seems that the exact right pressure in my middle ear resolves the problem.

      Upon this discovery, I immediatly visited the ENT doctor but he doesn't know what to make of this. He subscribed a nose spray to remove a possible swelling but with no results.

      Therefore I call on your experiences.

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      Probably headphones
      Sounds like a good sign to me that it's something physical / mechanical that can be maybe fixed...
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      I can also modulate my tinnitus with ear pressure but I can only increase it/add new sounds. It just sounds like some somatosensory tinnitus. Did you ever get a tympanogram?

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