Tinnitus Due to Hearing Loss Caused by Otosclerosis

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      Hello, I am a 38 year old male, husband and father that has been suffering severe tinnitus for around 3 years. My tinnitus is due hearing loss cause by otosclerosis.

      I lost my hearing in my right ear at around 15. I was always able to compensate with my left ear which suddenly went about 3 years ago. I can still hear but at a much reduced volume and have to wear a hearing aid at work.

      Since then my tinnitus goes through phases of being manageable to unbearable. It seems to get worse at certain times of the day, such as the morning and also seems to get worse seasonally. I have mild hay fever which seems to cause a spike.

      I have been prescribed anti-anxiety medication to counter some of the effects. It seems to work on and off. I was also due to have surgery (a stapedotomy) last year to correct the damage to my ears but it was canceled twice after a year on the waiting list, once while I was at the hospital having a pre-surgery physical. I took my name off the waiting list and am now considering putting my name forward again. I am terrified that it might make my hearing worse.

      The tinnitus causes me quite a lot of distress but I try to manage it as best I can. It's so goddamn loud at the moment though.
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      Hi there,

      So sorry this has happened to you.

      I understand the dilemma you face.

      Have you spoken to others who have experienced the surgery?

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