Tinnitus due to Sound Exposure (Music) but No Hearing Damage

Discussion in 'Support' started by Digga, Jan 3, 2016.

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      Hi there so I was out with friends roughly 18months ago and they were listening to music which was painful to my ears after 2-3 minutes I asked them to turn it down and from the on I have had extremely high pitched T. The strange thing is that I had a hearing test and can hear up to 20 Khz , what is happening here?
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      Ummm....I still hear very good as well...high pitched decibels. ..can change your life.
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      Standard hearing tests, as in pure tone audiometry, don't show all kinds and extents of damage. So, you can have "normal hearing" on such a test, but still have worse hearing than you did a couple years ago.
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      Listening to in-ear headphones & playing in a band
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      Standard audiograms are not indicative of hearing damage. They measure your hearing sensitivity. It just so happens that damaged hearing can have some loss of sensitivity but that it not always the case.

      If you have tinnitus as a result of noise exposure then the cause of almost certainly because of said exposure.

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