Tinnitus for 2 Weeks, Increasing and Not Maskable

Discussion in 'Support' started by International85, Jul 21, 2016.

    1. International85

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      July 2016
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      Ramipril BP med

      I need support and advice. I've tried to go through the forum the last week but couldn't really concentrate of my T.

      I started Ramipril as BP medication 19th Mai. I heard a small buzz in my eyes first week in July, and 8th July I had a 6/10 T when going to sleep. I stopped Ramipril immediately, and I went to an ENT who said nothing could be done and gave me Ginko.
      Another ENT said I've infection on the ear drum and gave me ear drops. T was a bit less 4/6 after a week and the doc said I'm ok now and T would go away soon. Made a hearing test, and I've a slight hearing loss in 11 KHz (15 dB) in my left ear. T fluctuated a lot and I could remove it by closing my ear. He said I can start Ginko.

      That's two weeks since T started. Since yesterday, it's very loud 8/10. I can now hear it even if I block my ears. I can't concentrate at work, I can't even be pleasant with my family, who are visiting me as I live in another country.

      When I try to mask it, it always spikes

      Any advise?

      Thanks and best regards,
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      So if you don't block your ears you can't hear it?
      I'm kinda lost.

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