Tinnitus for 2 Years: I Was Fully Habituated — A Month Ago Things Got Worse

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Hi everybody, I'm Marta, 36 years old from Italy.

      I have had tinnitus for 2 years and I was fully habituated, but a month ago I started to hear a strange sound like beep beep beep, over white noise, for example over a fan and also over car sounds.

      Later I also started to hear a sound like an ambulance siren that bothers me a lot.
      Normally I don't hear these sounds at night or I hear them very distantly.

      I have been taking Vortioxetine for about 2 years for depression but I never had any problems with tinnitus.

      Do you have any advice for me?


      P.S. I would also like to have advice ffrom @Michael Leigh if possible :)
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