Tinnitus for a Week, Maybe from Ear Infection: Can All Antibiotic Ear Drops Make Tinnitus Worse?

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      Audio trauma/ear infection
      I went to the movies a week ago, and the day after, I heard an annoying whine I thought was the fridge playing up. I went to bed and woke up with incredibly sore ears that were still ringing. I couldn't even flush them out in the shower properly because they were so filled with earwax that I would pour water in, and when I tipped my head the other way, the water would get sealed in by the earwax.

      Very carefully, I broke the earwax seal with a cotton bud and then managed to flush the rest of the earwax out, and there were a lot of big clumps even, but the ringing was still there. I suspect it in both ears, but it sounds as if it's coming from the top back of my head, so it's hard to tell because it's so centered. And it's so loud. I'm used to complete silence; I've had multiple breakdowns over the last few days because I cannot escape from this sound, and masking videos give me a headache when used for too long because I'm noise-sensitive (from birth, yay autism)

      Today, I went to the doctor, and she said I have an ear canal infection due to it being red and inflamed, at least in the left ear. I have very small ear canals, so getting an infection doesn't surprise me; I was very prone to it as a child.

      She prescribed Otocomb Otic ear drops, and on a whim, I researched them before applying them and found out they contain Neomycin, which can cause much worse tinnitus and other ear issues. But the only alternative I can find suggested is Ciprofloxacin Otic, which some people also say causes tinnitus.

      I have one chance to get a change of meds with an appointment tomorrow, or else I can't get another appointment for a week, and by then, I feel like it'll just have done permanent damage due to the infection as they rarely clear up by themselves for me.

      I'm feeling very lost right now, like I have no good choices, and any choice I make is just going to make this unbearable sound worse forever. I already blame myself for going to the movies; I don't know how to cope with having to make this choice, either, and I have just to hope either way.

      Just looking for advice/studies/where to go from here if it really never does clear up.
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