Tinnitus Free System Is a SCAM!

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      The Tinnitus Free System is a scam that accurately describes tinnitus as phantom auditory sensations caused by hearing loss. However it's a total bummer because they completely twist research related to Neuromod and University of Michigan to defend the idea that their high pitch noise device alone for 10 minutes a day can permanently cure tinnitus. It's utter nonsense misusing real science. Read my review below. I have decided not to link the scam website as there is no free advertising on my part.

      My report:
      The Tinnitus Free System is a Scam

      Video made by scammers that corresponds to the timestamps:

      I can't host documents on Google Drive anymore because they break index page links and other PDF hosts remove and distort image files. So you have to manually visit the PDF hosted above. Pro Tip: CTRL + Click allows you to open a URL in a new tab.

      Also here's something to show up in the image search results to redirect users to us instead of them purchasing the scam.

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