Tinnitus from concussion after bicycle accident Aug 30, 2014.

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      Aug 30, 2014
      I took a bad fall from my bicycle on hard pavement. I ended up landing on the right side of my forehead & face ending up with a huge goose egg on my forehead & bleeding under the right eye, & two black eyes.
      Immediately, my left ear was "ringing" loudly, which now has subsided somewhat, but continues ringing at constantly 24/7. Drove myself to the ER where the doctor did a CT scan which did not show any brain bleeding or scull damage, so I was released after 2 hours of observation. Went to the audiologist to find no abnormalities in the left ear, but the low level ringing continues! I went to the ENT doctor and he said there was nothing out of the ordinary on my hearing test I had the previous week & said the CT scan from the ER showed up nothing really wrong! He prescribed low dose Valium so I coud sleep & set me up for an MRI which I just had done. Back to see the ENT October 24th for the results. Will this ringing ever stop or at least subside?
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      I've been a regular rider for the past 7-8 years or so and I've been involved in a number of accidents. I've been hospitalised 3 times and I have 3 old helmets now that were destroyed. I also had a crash at about 25k's when something blew into my front wheel and jammed in the forks and I went over the bars and face planted into the bitumen. For some reason my head always hit's the turf :eek:.

      Like most head trauma there can be some ringing that eventuates. Because your head has had a trauma that shouldn't be surprising but in most cases the ringing will stop. What you can do to help yourself is to try to be calm and avoid any anxiety. Try to do the things you were doing before your accident and don't dwell on anything other than recovering. With rest and some time hopefully the ringing will settle down and go away.

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