Tinnitus From to Eustachian Tube Dysfunction...

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by mamag, Dec 14, 2014.

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    1. mamag

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      January 2014
      Hi Dr. Nagler,

      Thanks for being here. I am a 44yo healthy person who's had T for just about a year. The short version is I had head/nasal congestion for a month - one morning I heard this low hum, I thought it was the furnace! It was my ears. I freaked out (I have a history of anxiety anyway) then developed ear ringing a couple days later.

      After 2 ENTs and audiology exams - my hearing is fine and both drs said I have fluid. I've been on Flonase, I was in sudafed forever, but ended that in June - it's made no difference. Now I have this glue ear and ear ringing. Both ears, that low hum in my right ear every now and then. Always noise in the ears.

      I have a deviated septum and am usually stopped up on either side of my nasal passages. So I am convinced that this T is all due to my congestion. My drs have assured me I don't have vascular issues (the ringing pulsates every once in a while and that freaks me out). He said its normal to hear that becaus if all the vessels in the brain and if the fluid is near there of course I'll likely hear sounds. One ENT said he could get me an MRI to calm me down but it wouldn't show anything (maybe I should take him up on it?).

      I am trying to self-habituate but it's hard. It's the anxiety that drives me nuts and I have to figure a way to better deal with this. So I would like to look into TRT. Do you think this could work for someone like me? And if so, is there anyone in Indianapolis that you are familiar with who know TRT? I feel like I am ENT hunting go someone with expertise in this field. Thank you!!!
    2. Dr. Nagler

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      You are welcome.

      I understand.

      I recently posted a piece on overcoming the obstacles to habituation. Perhaps that will help a bit:


      Nothing you have written above leads me to believe that it wouldn't. You might also consider CBT, which is another effective approach.

      No. Sounds like you'll have to do what I call "long distance TRT." In other words, travel for an initial face-to-face TRT evaluation and counseling session, and do all of your follow-up via phone or Skype. The closest top drawer TRT clinician to Indianapolis who is set up for that sort of thing is Dr. Paula Schwartz in Edina, Minnesota.

      Hope this helps.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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