Tinnitus from Unnecessary Microsuction

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      I started having tinnitus since late February, which was 3 weeks ago. About a month ago, I started hearing some popping sound in my left ear when I burp, which was then diagnosed as ETD (Eustachian Tube Dysfunction).

      In late February, I saw a GP that I don’t usually visit because it was a weekend and I couldn’t make an appointment with my usual GP. She asked me to use Waxsol to remove my earwax. This ear drop irritated my ear canal and my ear was inflamed. Microsuction was done to remove earwax afterwards because another GP, who isn’t my usual GP either, thought earwax was causing the problem.

      After the procedure was done on the left side, my tinnitus was so loud and I started to freak out. The right side, which was the normal/good side, was fine until the GP insisted to ‘try to remove some wax for me’. I said no twice but he insisted he will only try for a while. He then insisted to clear all the wax while he was carrying out the procedure. I regret so much that I didn’t insist to say no!

      Now, both of my ears are red and inflamed after the procedure. I saw many stories about how antibiotics ear drops caused the onset of more severe tinnitus. Feeling very anxious now. :(

      I’m so glad that I found this forum and I’m going to ask for some advice soon.

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