Tinnitus Gets Louder with Pulse — Is This Normal?

Discussion in 'Support' started by greenpointer, Oct 14, 2015.

    1. greenpointer

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      I have tonal tinnitus from acoustic trauma, and it gets slightly louder at every heart beat. It isn't pulsatile tinnitus in that i'm not hearing the actual heartbeat or whooshing sounds - the ringing just gets louder with the pulse. Does anyone else have this? Any opinions would be much appreciated!
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      I experienced this tonight, hence my Google search which led me here. My tinnitus has been growing in perceived volume the past few weeks. I am unsure of the cause, but I can confirm I have been consuming a lot of coffee lately (at least 3-4 large mugs daily). I also have some TMJ problems which I am curious if they could be contributing as sometimes the popping of my jaw makes my ears ring. I have been learning to not panic or feel alarmed when the symptoms appear strong as I know my doctor's can't do anything about it. ‎I just want to know I'm ignoring tinnitus and not a potential brain tumor or other malady which otherwise would need to be investigated.

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