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      When I first got tinnitus I was a mess. Crying all night long, panic attacks, and more. My ENT simply said it will never get better deal with it. However, he lied. It has been getting better. I don't need to mask every night. I'm not really sure if its always there or not...I used to say its always there, I just don't notice it. Now I'm not so sure and who cares anyway. If I don't hear it, its gone. I like that better. I decided I would do whatever it takes. So I am sharing my "notes" file with you. Here are resources, one of my journal entries, and even my exact affirmations I use. Im starting cranial sacral therapy. 3 most imporant things...1 - People to talk to who can encourage you, 2 - a plan to heal, 3 - ACTION...spend 10 minutes in your closet saying, screaming affirmations, whatever it takes.

      Here are my notes. I'm happy to answer any questions, just post them here or message me directly if you like. You will get better

      Do this first - Buy this book NOW - "Tinnitus - From Tyrant to Friend" by Julian Cowan Hill. I can honestly say now, Tinnitus is one of the best things to have ever happen to me. I am fully determined to be mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy.

      My Notes:

      Tinnitus info

      • Facts
      o Many time tinnitus disappears on its own within the first 6 months, often much sooner. Often it disappears completely and is never heard again
      o Tinnitus is non threatening – no direct cause to physical, mental, or emotional harm
      o People often use tinnitus to make their life better by using it to connect to the people the care about more

      • Goals of Therapy
      o To condition brain for comfort and non threat response
      o To condition brain to not hear the sounds (not create the sound)

      • Types of Therapy
      o Tennitus retraining therapy
      o Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
      o Neuro Cranial Therapy
      o Neuromonics
      o Acoustic CR Neuromodulation
      o Electrical Stimulation
      o Masking – Slowly effective
      o Notch therapy
      o Acupuncture
      o Massage
      o Chiropractic
      o NLP

      • Therapy locations
      o http://www.generalfuzz.net/acrn/
      o Audio notch
      o CHC Hearing Center in NY - great Video on TRT – Dr. Susan Adams
      o Kentucky tinnitus Center
      Audiologist Ann Rhoten on Tinnitus Retraining...

       Dr. Certified in TRT by the creator
      o Dr. Farrance at dr. Phillips acupuncture.
      o Shands Hospital – TRT treatment
      o British clinic
      Tinnitus Treatment - Causes and treatment of...

      • T30CR – made by Neurotherapies reset
      • People on tinnitus talk
      o Ladydi - purchased neuromonics
      o Westcoastgirl85 - YouTube channel mylifewithtinnitus
      o Piperthegreat - totally habituated, doesn't notice it unless someone mentions it or looks for it
      • Holisistic
      o Zinc
      o Antioxidents – smoothies
      o Prayer, meditation
      o Exercise
      o melatonin
      o b12 – eggs

      • I have had T for 2 weeks. I know it will away. Some sites online says that T often goes away within the first 6 months. Mine happened from a concert that was excruciatingly loud. I forgive the sound producer, band, and venue for putting me and other people at risk. I had heard that concerts could cause hearing damage when I was much younger, but wrote it off. I don’t believe I have ever heard of T before 2 weeks ago. Sometimes I feel sad. Other times I feel that I am empowered and in control. When Im down, I feel my life was so different just 2 weeks ago. Everything was going great. Relationship was improving, career was taking off, I was feeling more and more empowered every day. This has been a side track experience. Like I slipped a little, but am getting back up. Today I was able to meditate in silence for 5 minutes. It wasn’t silence in my head but the room was silent. Yesterday it was more quiet. Sometimes I think my brain is tricking me into thinking it was more silent when it wasn’t, but I know it was. Yesterday was the quietest it has been in over a week. Today is louder, but I didn’t take care of myself. I laid in bed, didn’t eat until 8pm and just worked for a few hours still lying in bed. The whole reason I have been an entrepreneur all my life is to someday get to the point where I have enough passive income to enjoy the world as I choose. I have had 5 bites of hamburger, steroid pill from my GP, magnesium, and lipoflavenoid. I have spent 20 hours researching this thing in just the last week. I hope and pray that we all get better. I hope and pray for a breakthrough in treatment and a cure. I hope and pray that we can all habituate or heal with lightning speed.

      • My first two weeks were tough...the first week the sound increased. The second week I think has been steady. Sometimes it dips or maybe the background noise masks it better. Its hard to tell. I think its both ears, but more left. Yesterday and today it has been more left which leads me to believe my right ear is healing. Hallelujah…I mean that. Praise God, love and joy for all that is wonderful right now.

      • A few nights ago, I bawled...first time I have bawled in probably 20 years...Im 39 now. I felt like my life was over…now I know it is not. I know I can overcome. As I type right now, there is a whistling sound in my head. Ive never had a physical ailment or challenge to this date that I have not been able to overcome. I will overcome this as well.

      • 10 years ago, I hated silence...I had to be going out doing thing, keeping my attention. Then I began to work diligently on myself, meditating, learning to love myself, my version of God, and my life. Many many hours of practice, reading and more had gotten me to love silence. Infact it because one of my most precious things in life. I enjoyed sitting in my closet and meditating in silence. Taking long walks. Peaceful mornings.

      • Right now, I love my life and am happy for improvement. Thank you God

      • Affirmations – feel and choose the one that is right in the moment
      o You have no fucking power over me!!!
      o Thank you for my healing
      o What is that all you’ve got, you fucking ______? That’s nothing! All I hear is a tiny peep if anything at all!
      o God and body, I accept what you are trying to tell me. Thank you for the message. I got it. If there is more to tell me, I will listen, if not, you may release me and the ringing.
      o I am fucking unstoppable!
      o Its not a real sound, it has no power over me
      o I receive your communication. I love you. I understand your hurt and loss. I am sorry. Everything will be ok, I promise. I love you and I will take care of you. You can settle down now.
      o There is no stress, only joy
      o Miracles happen to me every day and I let my happiness light shine!
      • Meditations
      o Feel into it, vibrate the whole body at the same frequency
      o Connect with God, breath, Purple energy of purification and white god energy
      o White brilliant light coming down from god filling my entire nervous system
      o Candle light
      o Connect with god through love, peace, harmony and joy through my feeling tones and vibrations
      o Feeling body
      • Awarenesses
      o What does the body need? What feels good to the body now?
      o What does the mind need? What feels good to the mind now?
      o What is 1 thing I can do right now to make my experience better?
      o What do I want my focus to be on right now?
      o What is one goal if I had it now, I would feel amazing?
      o How do I generate tha feeling awe and oneness like that day after option institute
      • Physical health
      o Smoothie in am
      o Lipoflavenoid
      o B12
      o Magnesium
      o zinc
      • Exercise
      o Walk in am
      • Treatment
      o Acupuncture
      • People I can lean on for encouragement
      o God
      o Audrey
      o Tom
      o Saima
      o Stephan
      o Uncle Ken
      o Pros
       Rob Ballentine – NLP – contacted 8/23/16
       Julian Cowan Hill – From tyrant to friend
       Sage wellness
      • Jin kim

      Miracle List
      • Found shopping card return at Publix after so long of not seeing it (awareness up!)
      • Tinnitus experience
      • Tinnitus improved in lower level and helps awareness
      • Got book Tinnitus from tyrant to friend
      • Found Julian Cowan Hill
      • Sold a property today – first day feeling better

      To Do list and book notes
      • Print T Chart
      • Craniosacral.co.uk
      • Karuna institute
      • Destress exercises
      o Ice and hot water, dip feet in each 15 seconds, repeat for 10 mins
      o Clench and release each body part at a time feet to head
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      Thank you for posting. It's been almost a year for me with elevated T. Some days are better than others. I would really like to link a long string of those days together somehow. I've done a ton of the therapies this far. I realize it's time, but I'm open for whatever is continuing work for others. Otherwise, I completely thank God for sustaining me this far, with an awesome wife, and harmony at work. I'm a construction worker for Chicago. You can probably guess where part of the T came from. I'm in Spain as I write on holiday. It's midnight, very quiet, I do have allot of distractions to keep me preoccupied from completely concentrating on this T.
      Kind regards
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      Hi Mark
      Keep up the good spirits. Have you read Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend?

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